What Am I Doing Here?


The soldier lays protected,

In hole dug in the sand,

And wonders how he came to be,

In such an alien land.


Each day that slowly crawls by,

That he makes safely through…

Is one more day of missing,

Loved ones and friends he knew.


How did he come to be one of,

Those sent around the world…

Now gasping for each breath he takes,

In sand filled air that’s swirled.


His mind is full of random thoughts,

And all the things he misses,

The feel of tiny arms that hug,

And more.. the loving kisses.


He asks himself the question,

He repeats every day…

What am I doing here,

And how long must I stay?


Still courage keeps him going,

It’s Faith that keeps him strong,

Hope he will go back like he came…

This nightmare will be gone.


©  2004  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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