Mystery Lover


I found my mystery lover,

He treated me like a lady,

My friends all say, ‘There’s no such thing’

I simply smile and tell them ‘Maybe.’


They don’t know I still see his smile,

And hear his soft, sweet voice,

That it was many years ago,

When I first made my choice.


They have simply no idea,

Who my mystery lover is,

That when they come to see me,

This is the house where he still lives.


He’s here every single day,

And each and every night,

He’s the one who looks out for me,

Makes sure my world is alright.


He’s the one who promised years ago,

That we would always share,

A love that never would grow cold,

That we would always care.


Though many years have come and gone,

Some things just stay the same,

The love we once had, how proud I was,

That he gave me his name.


My friends don’t see the tears I cry,

Since God called him away,

The last words that he whispered low,

“Sorry I cannot stay.”


But there was so much love there,

Still shining in his eyes,

For the spirit lasts forever,

And real love never ever dies.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil



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