Christmas List


I wish that this year Old Santa could,

Make Christmas special for me,

Iím not asking for expensive things,

Instead those that are free.


So Iím making out my list,

And hoping he will bring,

The things Iíve written down that would

Cause my heart to sing.


Iím asking first of all for Peace,

Throughout the entire World,

To feel the touch of little hands,

Their fingers tightly curled..


Within those of their parents,

Their fears gone and vanished,

The sound of war and fighting stilled,

To be forever banished.


And then Iíd ask for starry skies,

For a special Christmas night,

A battery for Rudolphís nose,

To make a light so bright.


Iíd ask that all men stop and pause,

For just a little while,

That all the tears around the World,

Are dried and replaced with a smile.


That Christmas time this year,

Could be the very best,

That there would never be again,

Another cause for mansí unrest.


That Santa could just pack his sleigh,

In all the years to come,

With nothing more than what will bring,

Joy to the World and to everyone.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil


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