Golden Years  




I now am just a stay at home,

Where have the years all gone?

I reside in a body thatís,

No longer young and strong.


I havenít any money now,

It goes for meds I need,

To get me by and help me cope,

With this new life I lead.


I plan each trip to town now,

To utilize it best,

The grocery store and Walmart,

Then find a bench to rest.


Are these the famous Golden Years,

Iíve heard so much about?

Or is this just my punishment,

Until I can checkout?


No matter what these years may bring,

I will not wear a frown,

Iíll wear instead a great big smile,

With short hospital gown!


Iíll keep the Doc in stitches,

Hold the Nurses all at bay,

Wary from not knowing next,

What I might do or say.


I hope that when I close the door,

Shut tight on Golden Years,

My friends all wave goodbye to me,

And not shed any tears.


That they will feel relived Iím gone,

Say ĎShe went out with style,í

Knowing someday we will meet,

Again, and share a smile.


© 2003 Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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