Still In Love with You  


The years have passed quickly by,

Not slowing down at all,

Has my memory

Faded from your heart?

Or can I give you a call?


Did you do as I did?

Just go on and build a life?

Did you find someone

 Else to hold you close,

Ask her to be your wife?


How do I replace lost years?

When you are still in my heart?

With all the time that has

passed since,

How did we drift apart?.


Is it too late now for us?

I'd like to be where I belong.

Does it help when I say,

 I was wrong?


I still feel your kiss on my lips,

Feel your arms that held

me tight,

See your dear face in starlight.


Would it do any good for me to tell you

That my love is still true?

That even after all of these

 Many long years,

I'm still in love with you.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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