Last kiss


When he looks down upon her,

She looks now like she did,

When first he set eyes on her,

And she was just a kid.


He doesn’t see the gray now,

That streaks her thinning hair,

Nor does he see the wrinkles,

Upon her face once fair.


He still can see the beauty,

Who  caught his eye back then,

The one who helped make memories,

Shared places where they’ve been.


He touches little hands now,

That once in his felt strong,

 Strength of body disappeared

 Like fading of a song.


His feelings overwhelm him,

The love he feels for her,

The need to roll back all the years,

To wipe at tears that blur.


Her voice stilled now forever,

New journey has begun,

No way for him to keep her,

Her death has left him numb.


A last kiss now, just one more time,

On sweetest lips he’s known,

A final gesture of goodbye,

He now must walk alone.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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