Photo by Novadean 


If I could find a quiet place,

Beside a little stream..

Iíd spend most of my time there,

In fantasy and dream.


Iíd listen to the music,

Played by the waterís sound..

Lay back upon a blanket,

I spread out on the ground.


Iíd smile at sight of friendly birds,

Hear trilling of their song,

Iíd watch white clouds high overhead,

That never stay for long.


Iíd feel the warmth of sunís rays,

That push through rustling leaves,

Dancing to the tune of wind,

That gently blows the trees.


Iíd feel my eyes grow heavy,

Just listening to the sound,

As Natureís sweetest symphony,

Lulls me with peace Iíve found.


And when sun heads for itís own rest,

 Sinks slowly out of sight,

Last rays of sun stretch as they reach,

To touch first stars of night.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil


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