It seems that I now have some days,

When I am down on life,

The constant struggle to survive,

And cope with daily strife.


Thatís when I choose to contemplate,

The road that I now follow,

With all the crooks and turns that hide,

Some bitter pills to swallow.


I then retreat to quiet place,

And free my mind to wander,

I think about all things now past,

Ask guidance as I ponder.


I put to use the things Iíve learned,

That served well in the past,

And daily pray that itís enough,

This wisdom Iíve amassed.


I marvel at accomplishments,

Shed tears at times Iíve failed,

I only touch on memories,

Of hurtful things unveiled.


In retrospect I concentrate,

To help with things to come,

So that someday I can look back,

And smile at job Iíve done.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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