Halloween Night   


Twas Halloween night, and darkness had fallen,

As Sis and her friend saddled up horses sullen,

They mounted the horses, set off in the dark,

Two excited girls, out for a lark.


As they rode along, with whispers and giggles

Horses rolled back their eyes, at things that had wiggles…

With pricking of ears, and senses alert,

Wary of what, they thought just might hurt.


A mile down the road, and not very far,

Easily reached by horse or a car,

 Along side the road, there could be found,

A cemetery full, where bodies abound.


Sis and her friend were brazen that night,

Neither one would admit, to their own fright.

As they approached, they felt their hearts race,

Thinking of what lay in that place.


With no expectations of what was in store,

They nudged horses on, and giggled some more.

But hidden from view, behind looming tombstone,

Were boys from in town, with thoughts of their own.


White sheets that they wore, and that hid them from sight,

But gave credence to, that Halloween night.

Under winking and blinking moon overhead,

Scurrying clouds added to dread.


The screech of an owl, in distance was heard,

While horses jumped sideways, at sound of that bird.

Skittish and nervous, they balked at the gate,

As if they knew what might be their fate.


The moonlight bathed each stone in a glow,

There was moaning of wind, beginning to blow.

Each second now filled with pounding of heart,

Bitter taste of fear that each girl felt start.


No sooner than entered, through cemetery gate,

Than up jumped the boys, who lay there in wait.

With ear piercing screams, and loud shouts of BOO!

The horses jumped sideways, and each girl they threw.


Sis struck her head and was out like a light,

While her friend sat speechless, scared at the sight,

Of ghosts that were hidden, then rose up to scare,

Shrieking like banshees, arms flapping in air.


The horses had bolted, headed for home,

The boys took off laughing, the girls were alone,

Sis came to her senses, with nary a scratch,

As she and her friend headed home, oh so fast!


With first tears then anger, at what happened there,

Venting their feelings, with none left to spare.

They raced down the road in terrified flight,

To this day remember, that Halloween night!


©  Loree (Mason) O’Neil



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