Let Me Go


If I should reach a point in life,

When I am unaware,

Of what is going on around,

And can no longer shareÖ


In hopes and dreams, and plans weíve made,

I beg then that you listen,

I ask that you would let me go,

And not shed tears that glisten. 

For this would be what I would want,

To let me go ahead,

Although my body might be cold,

And your heart full of dread.


Let me resume my journey then,

That God has planned for me,

Donít hold me back, but let me go,

Rejoice and know Iím free.


For love of man is truly shown,

When he can heed the voice,

Of loved one begging, ĎLet me go,í

If he must make that choice.


I only tell you this because,

Itís something you should know..

Iíll love you till the day God calls,

If I am first to go.


Let me live on in greatest peace,

Yet know Iím not alone,

Instead Iím simply waiting there,

For God to call you home.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil



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