Friends And Smiles


There are two things in life,

 We never have enough of,

The first are friends we count among,

 Those close we trust and love.


The second is the great big smile,

That starts deep down insideÖ

To brighten each new day that comes,

 And make life a joyride.


Itís because of the smile we share,

And pass along to others,

That makes us who and what we are,

By touching those it covers


Our smile sets all of us apart,

From those who wear a frown,

Attracts those we would call our friends,

And adds stars to our crown.


So next time when you meet someone,

That you want for a friend,

Start by being genuine,

With smile thatís not pretend.


For friendship starts with that same smile,

And really is your choice,

Itís true that people are drawn to,

Sound of smile in your voice.


Friendship isnít just a debt,

To someday be repaid,

Your smile just makes it easier,

To add to friends youíve made.


Friends and smiles go hand in hand,

The two are intertwined,

For smiles will warm you deep inside,

 True friends will treat you kind.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil


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