The Beauty Shop


I love my trips to the beauty shop,

I go there every week…

Not so much to look my best,

But for gossip they leak.


I hear who is in trouble,

And who now lives in  jail…

They tell me who has bonded out,

 Who could not meet their bail.


Whose marriage has come all apart,

And who was seen with whom,

As each new tidbit is thrown out,

There’s quiet in that room.


They talk about who passed away,

And each new baby born,

Who is sick and who is well,

About clothes that are worn.


I get my fix of gossip,

Along with ‘oohs and ahhs’,

As we all hang on every word,

That’s spoken without pause.


I almost hate it when I leave,

Though my hair is done,

Cause getting all the gossip is,

Enlightening and such fun!


I no longer take the paper,

It’s not a necessity,

I learn it all, at the beauty shop,

Cause the gossip there is free.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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