Aches, Pains And Bigger Belt




Since I have grown much older,

I see things differently,

What used to be important,

Now matters not to me.


I used to take for granted,

The sights and scenes around,

Now each new day with so few left,

Are like rare jewels Iíve found.


The years have taken all my youth,

The vigor I once felt,

Leaving with me, now instead,

Aches, pains, and bigger belt.


I think that Centrum Silver is

What turned  my hair to gray,

Metamucil keeps me going,

Each and every day.


Neurontin helps to ease the pain,

Of muscle cramps Iíve suffered,

Aspirin sets my stomach off,

Unless they have been buffered.


I take a pill for high BP,

To try and bring it down,

The doctor puts me on a pill,

For each new ill thatís found.


There are vitamins to help me,

Feel tiptop every day..

If all these pills are good for me,

Why do I feel this way?


The druggist is a friendly guy,

With smile upon his face,

Red carpet that is on the floor,

It is the nicest place.


My friends are now the people that,

Iíve met at my drugstore,

We never care to talk about

The weather anymore.


Instead we gather there it seems,

To compare each new note,

To proudly tell the others of,

The new script Doctor wrote.


To shake our heads in disbelief,

And show our sympathy,

To the friend who tells us now,

Of need for surgery.


So when I need excitement now,

I go to my drugstore,

Itís what itís about, and where itís at,

Waiting just inside the door.



©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil



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