Fountain Of Youth

My hair once was like copper,
But now it has some white,
Thatís probably so I can be found

In the middle of the night.
There are wrinkles in my face now,
 I am no longer thin,
And while I once was blessed with ĎoneĎ,
I have a double chin.
My teeth are white and pearly,
But I have to glue them in,
Canít have them falling out you know,
When I give a grin.
My chest is like the markets,
And has hit an all time low,
Iíd have to have a tummy tuck,
To see my feet I know.
I love my family doctor,
Who has now become my friend,
I tell him all about my aches,
 The painful shape Iím in.
 think Iíve reached the Golden Years,
 And learned the big ĎUntruthí,
The Fountain that Iíve heard about,
Canít give me back my youth

© 2002 Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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