When we were young and growing up,

We knew that we were poor,

That the hand me downs and pass me downs,

That passed through our front door,

Were just about all that we had,

And the most we could wish for,

Still they could make our eyes light up,

And cause our hearts to soar.

So many times we were hungry,

 And we’d ask “What will we eat?”

And mother would smile as she told us,

 “Tonight we have a treat!”

For Mrs. Jones from down the road,

Just happened to be passing by,

Bringing with her what she claimed,

Was just an extra pie.

 Leftovers can fill one’s tummy,

And taste like greatest feast,

While hand me downs can make one feel,

 Pretty at the very least.

Growing up was not that easy,

But one lesson that we found,

 there was nothing wrong with leftovers,

And there was beauty in a hand me down.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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