Someday, Somewhere, Sometime


My thoughts dart freely as they seek,

To search and find Somewhere,

The love I know who waits for me,

I smile at dreams weíd share.


Someday I know that I will find,

The one thatís meant for me,

That I will know him when we meet,

And that is where Iíll be.


Someday walking hand in hand,

Somewhere by quiet shore,

Someone to help count stars above,

While Sharing hearts that soar.


Iíve been searching all my life,

And Someday I will find,

That special Someone that I know,

Would love me and be kind.


Where is the Somewhere I look for,

The place where he might be,

And is it possible that he too,

looks just as hard for me?


Is Someday close, or Somewhere so far,

That Sometime will never be,

That I will never know the joy,

Of someone loving me.


Someday, Somewhere, Sometime

©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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