Puppy Love


I was driving down the highway,

In the middle of nowhere,

I passed a little ball of fur,

Who turned her head to stare,

With that my heart turned over,

I could not leave her there,

Frightened, lost and shivering,

Cause someone didnít care.


I took her home and bathed her,

She was such a sorry sight,

But I shuddered as I thought about,

What might have been her plight.

I didnít need a puppy,

But what else could I have done,

And I hated to admit it,

But doggone it, she was fun.


She took over my house,

Right from the very start,

As she wiggled and she squirmed,

Her way into my heart.

Her needs now all came first,

Her wish was my command,

My reward was a gentle kiss,

A wet nose in my hand.


She soon became my shadow,

 Went everywhere with me,

No longer was  I lonely,

Though I had no privacy.

Instead I had undying trust,

Like I had never known,

Just for picking up this waif,

And giving her a home.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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