Am I Easy To Forget?



Am I easy to forget,

Are you happy with her?

Or do you shed some tears,

 see the world through a blur?


It seems like yesterday,

That we walked hand in hand,

 She’s your new love today,

With your wedding band.


When you look down at her,

And she smiles up at you,

I can feel my heart break,

For a love I thought true.


I don’t know yet,

 Just what went so wrong,

Why she’s by your side,

 In the place I belong.


Though I love you,

And I always will,

I may be easy to forget,

But you’re in my heart still.


There is no way now,

To change how I feel,

Maybe time will be kind,

And make my heart heal.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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