New Love


Today I felt the pierce

Of Cupidís arrow true,

All the passion and the stirrings,

That come with love brand new.


I stared into brown eyes that shone,

That held firm on my face,

And knew that I must have this guy,

To hold in my embrace.


His face was handsome as could be,

His body firm and lean,

His movements were as fluid,

as some well oiled machine.


He placed a kiss upon my face,

And even on my hand,

Like all those French, Iíve heard about,

From far and distant land.


But guilt hung heavy in my heart,

Though I knew I must try,

To choose between the two I loved,

And would the other cry?


But I looked into brown eyes again,

And knew that I was smitten,

Gosh itís hard to make a choice,

Between a dog or kitten!


© 2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil


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