Ominous, threatening,

And scary too,

Storm clouds form

Against skies of blue,


Reflective of all

The moods that I feel,

While I try to cope,

And struggle to deal…


With emotions that shake me,

Like violent storm,

Chilled veins within,

Yet heart that is warm.


Clouds are like life,

They are never the same,

Always they move 

And always they change.


The storm clouds that gather,

High in the sky,

 Reflect the sad feelings

That cause me to cry.


Yet each storm will pass,

As they always do…

Returning bright sunshine ,

To fair skies of blue.


Calming my senses

with rainbows so fair,

Like artist who paints,

With zest and some flair.


 Till next storm clouds gather,

To appear once again,

With thunder and lightening,

And brief gusts of wind.


To influence my mood,

Reveal soul that is bare,

For others to see,

Yet no one to share…


The anguish within,

That cries out to be heard,

While striving to hear,

The sound of kind word.



To be held and loved,

At least for a time,

Till storm moves away,

And brings peace of mind.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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