You’ll Never

You’ll never see the tears I shed,

Because I keep them hidden,

They come about from thinking of,

The highways we have driven.


You’ll never know how hurt I am,

And how I miss you so,

How just a kind word now from you,

Would set my heart aglow.


You’ll never know how just the touch,

Of your hand against my face,

Used to make me yearn for more

And cause my heart to race.


I never heard you promise me,

With any words you said,

That our love was only friendship,

And just might fade instead.


But now I start each lonely day,

With one thought in my mind,

That maybe this might be the day,

You write me and I find…


The words that I so want to hear,

That say you miss me too,

That you still want to hold me close,

And whisper, ‘I love you.’


If only we could work things out,

And go back once again,

To highways that we’ve traveled,

And roads where we have been.



©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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