In 1961 I drove to Wichta,

I was in dire need

of another car,

I hit the auction block,

It was not all that far,

And Lordy when I got there,

this is what I saw.

thatís where I fell in love,

With a í55 Chevrolet,

I was bound and determined,

She would not get away.

When I started up the engine,

She purred just like a dove,

And the first time that I saw her,

I knew I was in love.

And the best part of all,  

Was what I had to pay.

Just one hundred dollars,

The bargain of the day.

She was bronze all over,

Without a scratch of dent,

The best hundred dollars,

That I had ever spent.

With twin tailpipes

That stuck out from her rear,

They amplified her motor,

Till it was hard to hear.

And the black smoke that rolled,

Mattered not to me,

For her paint job was perfect,

That was all that I could see.

From Wichita to home,

Was only forty miles,

As I drove that beauty south,

I was full of smiles,

But it soon became apparent,

My beauty liked to drink,

I think I gave her two quarts,

And I began to think,

That maybe this beauty,

That I had fallen for,

Might be more than just a pretty,

That had caused my heart to soar.

For a case of oil was needed,

Cause she sure did like to drink,

They didnít call me Smokey,

For nothing, now I think.

A case of oil became,

A fixture on the floor,

Cause I never knew just when,

She would up and ask for more.

Old Smoky as I called her,

Was still a sight to see,

Even with her drinking habit,

I knew that she loved me.

For we lasted quite awhile,

As long as I would let her,

Have all the oil she wanted,

Then I didnít have to sweat her.

But it soon became apparent,

 Smoky was about to crater,

So I dumped her on a neighbor,

Who would also learn to hate her.

And the last time that I saw her,

She still was bronzed like gold,

A striking car, that caught your eye,

But drank while growing old.


©  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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