There is a place that beckons me,

Filled with peace and serenity,

 Never spoiled by touch of man,

Yet I seek to find it if I can.


I want to experience the beauty there,

As I gasp in awe and then I stare,

At magnificent mountains reaching high,

Lift upward there, to meet blue sky.


Listening to sweet symphony,

As it wraps to envelope me,

Accompanied by a gentle breeze,

Meant to soothe, as well as please.


Finding peace that was my goal,

Healing hurts and troubled soul.

A special place to help me cope,

Rejuvenate me with much hope.


So when I feel that I'm in need,

Nature does her own good deed,

With sharing of her special place,

That holds me in its warm embrace.

©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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