Itís Alright   


Itís okay to reach a hand out,

To those you know in need..

By offering them your friendship,

You have planted one more seed.


Itís alright when you feel sorrow,

 To shed some tears and cry,

And nowhere is it written,

You can not let out a sigh.


Itís great to feel emotion,

Even sometimes say ĎIím mad!í

But better yet is the pealing sound,

Of laughter when youíre glad.


Itís okay to wear your feelings,

On your shoulder in plain view,

To feel a lump within your chest,

Is nothing that is new.


Itís alright to show youíre caring,

To let your loved ones know,

That no one is immortal,

But compassion makes us grow.


Itís alright to ask God for his help,

When your burdens become a load,

To let Him lead and point the way,

To a new and smoother road.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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