Thereís More Where All That Came From


I was looking for a bargain,

I knew just what I needed,

So I whipped into the parking lot,

And thatís where I was greeted


By a white haired man, inside the door,

With a smile upon his face,

He pushed me out a shopping cart,

With practiced ease and grace.


And I listened quite intently,

As he gave me his sales speech,

Designed to get me in the mood,

To make me want to reach,


For things I didnít even need,

Things I could do without,

But I had come in buying mode,

He knew without a doubt!


And I heard his little jingle,

As I walked on down the aisle,

I caught a glimpse then, of his face,

And of his knowing smile.


Thereís more where all that came from,

And itís just inside the door,

Weíre busy rolling down the price,

And we will chop some more,


To bring you back another time,

For all those things you need,

Youíll like our friendly service,

In that we surely lead.


And if we arenít already there,

No Walmart to be found,

Weíre coming soon, with smiley face,

To even your hometown.


Cause our motto is important,
Our customers our bread and butter,

Just do your shopping at Walmart,

Donít be caught shopping at the Ďother!í


Yes Walmart is progressive,

Just watch us as we grow,

Thereís more where all that came from,

And you can say ĎIí told you so!


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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