First Love  

Where is the man with laughing eyes,
Tanned skin and soft brown hair,
Who smiled at me and stole my heart,
And had me trembling there.
His big brown eyes that shone with love,
Caressed me with a glance,
He said he loved me, sweet and low,
And talked of such romance.
He swept me off my feet I know,
This handsome man so fine,
Then left me later, now hes gone,
The man I thought was mine.
And there are moments of regret,
For years invested there,
But time has healed so now it seems,
Those moments are quite rare.
I wonder if Id know him now,
Or would I pass him by,
With trembling lips,
and tear filled eyes,
And deep inside a sigh.

2002 Loree (Mason) ONeil


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