Our Special Tree


The hills ablaze with the sunset,

Not a cloud floats in the sky,

 The birds all hush their singing,

As I walk slowly by.


I found the old oak tree,

Its limbs now are spread wide,

Much taller than in years before,

Its branches full of pride.


And it stirred old memories I thought had died,

From years long in the past,

When you held me close and whispered that,

 Our love would always last.


I find myself softly humming,

The words to our favortie song,

The one we sang together,

As we used to walk along.


And I located our special tree,

My fingers seeking there found,

Our initials carved so carefully,

Deep, bold, and slightly round.


 My mindís eye saw your dear face,

Just as it used to be,

With shining eyes and smiling lips,

Sweet kisses shared with me.


I can feel the arms that held me close,

Until that fateful day,

You spread your wings, not looking back,

And turned and walked away.


We said that we would stay in touch,

Empty words, not meant to be,

Uttered by two kids in love,

Beneath our special tree.


©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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