You know youíve got,

Just what it takes,

When you dry tears,

And still bake cakes.

If you can pay,

The bills on time,

And keep a house,

Like spit and shine.

If you can stretch,

A dime thatís thin,

Turn mud thatís thrown,

Into a win,

If you can trudge,

Each long, hard mile,

And still present,

A loving smile,

If you can keep,

Your mind these days,

Then you deserve,

Much love and praise.

If you can be,

All things you must,

Keep up the pace,

And not go bust.

And come out smelling,

Like rare rose,

Sharp of mind,

Still on your toes,

Then youíve not failed,

In what you do,

And Motherhood,

Looks good on you.

© 2003 Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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