Goodnight Kiss

Almost all of my entire life,

From babyhood, then as a wife,

The one thing that I learned to like

Was loving kiss, that meant ‘goodnight.’

Those kisses started when I was young,

And lullaby had just been sung,

When Mother tucked me in at night,

With goodnight kiss, then held me tight.

And when I stayed on Grandpa’s farm

A goodnight kiss, made me feel warm,

Safe from chill of winter night,

Held in arms that hugged me tight.

Then later on, with first boyfriend,

Sharing love that had no end,

A walk up to my own front door,

With goodnight kiss, made my heart soar.

And when we were husband and wife,

I pledged to love you, all my life,

You pulled me close and held me tight,

With good night kiss that felt so right.

When each child of ours was born,

We wrapped them in our love so warm,

Each one we rocked, and held so tight,

Then put to bed, with kiss goodnight.

Full circle now, life is complete,

Passed on to loved ones, the same treat,

Of warmest hugs and goodnight kiss,

That wraps us all, with loving bliss.


© 2003 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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