Godís Greatest Trial

When I am feeling overwhelmed,
And life threatens to get me down,
When I pass by a mirror,
And on my face I see a frown,
I search and find a quiet place,
To bring  me peace I seek
To restore once again my faith,
To humble, make me meek.
I walk beside a singing brook,
Quiet so not to disturb,
The creatures who are living there,
Squirrels, rabbits, deer and birds
And I wonder how these creatures,
With only exception man,
Can live in peace and harmony,
 According to Godís plan.
I ask myself the question,
Where has man gone wrong?
 Evolution? Knowledge?
Or just fact that he is strong?
How is it that we now traverse,
A road thatís filled with wrath?
Who and what has turned us now,
Away from righteous path?
And answers are not easy,
More often hard to find,
When we try to understand,
What goes on in mansí mind.
God must be disappointed,
By things that man has done,
People killed and battles fought,
While none are clearly won.
I turn to Nature for solace,
Her world to help restore,
A balance in my thinking,
To help me cope once more.
To provide me with the patience,
I need to understand,
 Of all the creatures made by God,
His greatest trial is ĎManí.
©  2003  Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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