My Angel

As the path of life grows shorter,

I turn my thoughts again,

To family members that I love,

To those who are my friends.

My mind is filled with memories,

That cross the miles of time,

When you gave me all of your love,

In turn, I gave you mine.

It seems like only yesterday,

That you still held me close,

As we traversed the path of life,

Perfumed like smell of rose.

Beneath skies of the brightest blue,

With rainbows now and then,

Not thinking that someday all this,

Would come to sudden end.

We never thought a single time,

Of when life was no more,

That there‘s a final chapter,

Much like closing of a door.

When all the time of each one’s life,

Has ended and has passed,

Like tiny grains of sand that flow,

Through each ones’ hourglass.

But memories of a lifetime,

And a feeling you’re still close,

Get me through each lonely day,

And are what help me most.

Bittersweet from knowing,

That while you are at rest,

Among all of God‘s Angels,

I know you are the best.

© 2003 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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