Today I saw a teardrop,

Slip wetly down your cheek,

I reached to gently dry it,

And I begged you not to weep.

For you had simply fallen,

And though you felt some pain,

A tear, a kiss, and then a hug,

Would make you well again.

And later there were many more,

That would slide down your face,

That’s when you went to Mother for,

Her love and her embrace.

Throughout the years when teardrops fell,

Your Mother always cared,

She dried your tears, and held you close,

And listened while you shared.

But years have passed and Mothers gone,

Your tears are now your own,

Too late to ask for Mother‘s help,

So now you cry alone.

Still there is healing in our tears,

When things hurt or go wrong,

Tears that flow, held not in check,

Are tears that make us strong.

© 2003 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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