If wishes were like horses,

And I knew how to ride,

I’d throw a saddle on one,

And mount high up astride…

With my wish solid beneath me,

Wind blowing through my hair,

A song embedded in my heart,

To overcome each care.

If wishes were like aged leaves,

A breeze knocks to the ground,

With seemingly no effort,

And very little sound…

I’d whisper each new wish I made,

And hope that it came true,

I’d ask to find my one true love,

And wish that it were you.

If wishes were as numerous,

As stars are in the skies,

That shine down from the heavens,

Sprinkling stardust in my eyes…

I’d spend much of my time then,

With my eyes turned heaven bound,

Just making wishes on the stars,

And hoping they were found.

© 2003 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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