My Middle Name Is Klutz

I have not asked for much from life,
I’ve not had great ambitions,
Still I have found myself bogged down,
In sticky situations.

Forced to admit from time to time,
When there was no way out.
Twisted, bent, all out of shape,
‘Cause foot was in my mouth.

Yet I can feel much better,
Just by saying I am human,
That there are others just like me,
And more than just a ‘few men’.

I know I am not perfect,
And I never said I am,
That’s why I jump into the fire,
Straight from the frying pan!

The reason behind all of this,
And what explains it much,
Is on my birth certificate,
My middle name is Klutz!

©  2003  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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