The Warmth Of Spring

I woke up just this morning,

To start a brand new day,

I ask for lots of sunshine

To roll the clouds away.

I asked for all the sights and smells,

Of spring upon the air..

To chase away the remnants

Of winters’ lurking there.

Imagine my delight when

I stepped outside my door,

And sunshine smiled at me then..

And winter was no more.

I felt a soft warm breeze,

That briefly touched my cheek..

Heard the sound of song birds trill,

Saw deer along the creek.

The sights and smells of springtime

Hung heavy on the air..

Cavorting essence, each one new

That teased my nostrils’ flare.

So that my heart was filled once more

Near bursting with spring’s song..

Freed once again from winters’ grip,

Held prisoner, far too long.

Like a bird loosed from its’ cage..

Allowed now to soar free,

It only takes the warmth of spring..

To unleash joy in me.

© 2003 Loree (Mason) O’Neil


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