I have this little Shadow,

Who tags along with me,

It dogs each step that I take…

Everywhere I want to be.

The only time I shake it,

Is on a cloudy day,

And even when the sun is gone,

Shadow is not far away.

It’s waiting till the sun comes out,

And I step out my door,

Then Shadow takes a hold of me,

And follows me once more.

That surely is the reason

For shade that I seek out,

That gives me relief that I need,

While Shadow hides to pout…

Like some small child, sent to its’ room,

In hot tears and disgrace,

Until I finally move along,

Then Shadow takes its’ place.

It’s the one thing that sticks by me,

Through good times and through bad,

So that really on a cloudy day,

No ‘Shadow’ makes me sad.

© 2003 Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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